Soliloquies: the lady doth indeed protest
chris wind

Poetry, Shakespeare, Feminism
ISBN: 978-1-926891-08-8 (ebook) $2.99

Lady MacBeth kill herself? Please. And Portia – you don’t think someone that intelligent would be pissed to be bait and trophy?

Soliloquies: the lady doth indeed protest is a collection of impassioned soliloquies delivered by Juliet, Ophelia, Lady MacBeth, Kate, Desdemona, Regan, Miranda, and others – protesting the role given to them by Shakespeare.


“[Soliloquies reveals]not only dynamic, imaginative verse writing, but extremely intelligent and intuitive insight … I know many actresses who would love to get their hands on this material! As a Shakespeare director, I’m thrilled by the perspective which Chris’ pieces provide of the plays and characters which they challenge – I believe these will be sought after by theatre companies which also do solid classical work, as new material for their audiences, embraced by a season of Shakespeare plays. As a feminist, I’m excited by how these characters come alive and point up the perceptions and misperceptions that have shaped their literary and theatrical destinies. As a dramaturg, I’m more than pleased to find modern playwrights who can write in heightened language and/or verse.” Joanne Zipay, Judith Shakespeare Company, NYC


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